quarta-feira, fevereiro 16, 2005


Lembro aqui que hoje entra em vigor o Protocolo de Quioto (obrigado João Paulo pela insistência e pelo link). Para variar, os Estados Unidos primam pela sua ausência...
Deixo-vos também com uma mensagem que foi hoje enviada a todo o laboratório:

Dear all,

Please excuse this off-topic mailing, but it does have importance in the way we work, and to our future.

Today is the first day of implementation of the Kyoto Protocol to cut carbon emissions worldwide. Like many of you, I am very conscious of reducing carbon emissions at home. I use low energy light bulbs, switch off the tv (not just to stand-by), walk and cycle to shops and work, recycle paper, glass, plastics etc etc. However when I arrive here I see an enormous number of electrical appliances left on. Tissue culture cabinets are left running overnight, they consume a huge amount of electricity. There are also empty waterbaths, rocking platforms, cooled centrifuges etc etc all left running unnecessarily.

Let's do our bit in the workplace as well as at home.

Don't switch off to the problem, SWITCH OFF THE PROBLEM.


Tony Mills

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